What some men are doing that is causing “equipment failure”

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The internet is wonderful for a lot of reasons. But here’s one that isn’t so wonderful: according to research, erectile dysfunction in young men is up 600% to 3000% since the internet came into existence. That’s a startling number. What may be causing it? Something called “Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction” (or PIED).

With porn being a few clicks away for anyone with a phone or tablet, viewing on a daily basis is up. Way up. While there is a ton of science behind it, in the simplest of terms, this frequent porn watching is causing some men’s brains to no longer respond to real world sexual encounters. That means your brain is so used to the chemical rewards it gets from porn, that your penis may not respond how you want it to when you’re trying to have sex with another person.

While there are several reasons for erectile dysfunction and porn in small doses doesn’t lead to these types of problems, otherwise healthy young men are experiencing equipment failure at rates unlike any other time in history.

Answering “yes” to either of these questions may indicate you are experiencing PIED:

* Do you have to watch porn or fantasize about it to successfully masturbate?

* Has the porn you enjoy evolved (become kinkier, more bold, or shocking) because the type you used to enjoy has become boring?

If you believe you have PIED or another type of erectile dysfunction, there is treatment available.

There are several online support groups for men experiencing PIED and Your Brain on Porn is a good resource for information on this condition. There are Certified Sex Therapists and Clinical Sexologists available that are trained in treating this issue as well. At our office, we frequently see clients with PIED.

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