Postpartum Counseling

Bringing a new child into your life is one of the biggest changes you will ever have. Sometimes mixed in with the joy and wonder of having a new baby are sad feelings, mood swings, insecurity, relationship problems, and sexual concerns.

Do you wonder why you’re depressed even though you think you should be happy?

Do you find yourself crying over something that normally wouldn’t bother you?

Are you and your partner struggling to adjust to having a larger family?

Have you wondered if your sex life will ever be like it was before the baby?

These are just a few of the questions new mothers have as they are dealing this huge life transition. I can provide you with a supportive, confidential place to guide you through this process that nearly every mother faces in one way or another.

In addition to postpartum issues being my clinical specialty, I am a mother of two young children so I am very familiar with how emotionally tiring this time can be.

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