Sex Education

How do I have “the talk” with my child?

That’s a question many parents have asked themselves.  We can help you.

At Jacksonville Center for Sexual Health, we understand that advising your children about growth and development, sex, and sexuality can be challenging.  We want to help you make educating them about sex easy.  We offer two sex education services:

Sex education sessions for children 12 and up –

Individualized or group sex education sessions where your children learn about the following subjects: relationships, sexual health, contraception, HIV/AIDS and STDs.  Our goal is to ensure a safe space for everyone, and convey complete and accurate information on these topics.  Parental consent required in writing.  Brief and comprehensive packages available.

Sex education consultation –

We advise parents on how to talk about sex with your children of any age.  We will give you tips about how to approach your children and age-appropriate materials and resources to help out.

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Q&A to help now:

If my child’s school talks to them about sex, do they need more education?

Maybe.  If you child’s school addressed sex, we recommend that you have a conversation with your child about what they learned so that you can determine if you are satisfied.

What kind of information should sex education cover?

Great question!  If you are unsure what areas may be covered in sex education curriculum, Advocates for Youth has a great Parents’ Sex Ed Center (link to

Is sex education important?

That is for every parent to decide.  Here is some information about the sexual health of teens in Florida:

  • The teen pregnancy rate in 2005 for girls age 15-19 was 77 pregnancies per 1,000, which is higher than the national average of 70.  Only 11 states have higher rates of teen pregnancy. Source: U.S. Census Bureau
  • Florida’s teen abortion rate is second in the nation – 24 abortions per 1,000 women ages 15-19. Source: Guttmacher Institute
  • 50.6% of Florida’s high school students have had sex by the time they graduate.  Of those students, 35% did not use a condom the last time they had sex. Source: 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey


How much do your programs cost?

  • Sex education consultation with one or two parents is $125 per session.  These take place at the Jacksonville Center for Sexual Health office.
  • Rates for Sex Education Sessions (children 12 and up) vary based on the number of children attending, number of meetings, and the location you choose.  Please contact us for details.