NEW: Healthy Boundaries: Sexual Harassment and Positive Consent Workshop

We now offer workshops for organizations wanting to educate their employees or members about appropriate workplace behaviors. Call our office for more information: (904)383-7613
Healthy Sexuality Education Program

Jacksonville Center for Sexual Health offers a Healthy Sexuality Education program for individuals who are mandated to take a sex education course or are simply interested in learning about this topic. The course covers the topics of appropriate boundaries, safe sex, sexual consent, sexual identity, and pro-social skills.

Cost: $200
The Healthy Sexuality Course is two hours. At this time, we schedule the course in two one-hour blocks. Exceptions will be considered based on circumstance.

Since the scheduling needs of all students are unique, this is a not a classroom setting but a one-on-one course with our sexuality educator.

To sign up for the Healthy Sexuality Education program, please call our office at 904-383-7613. Upon scheduling the class, you will be required to complete electronic paperwork, including an informed consent form. If the student is under 18, a parent or guardian will need to complete the informed consent. Individuals who complete the course are given a letter of completion. Jacksonville Center for Sexual Health will also, at your request, forward the letter to the state, city, or county that is requiring you take the course.