Why a trip to the bar may good for a man’s mental health

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Next time a man in your life says he’s headed to his favorite watering hole, consider that the experience may have a positive impact on his mental health.

According to the Medical Research Council, having a few alcoholic beverages with friends gives men a space to open up and talk about emotions they otherwise may not. Researcher Dr. Carol Emslie explained, “’You’re drinking together, you’re laughing and joking and it’s uplifting. It helps you to open up and relax. Also men talked about it being a way of looking out for each other.”

The participants in the study, men in their early 30’s in Scotland, brought the positive mental health aspects of their pub visits to the attention of the researchers. The research findings support the beliefs that traditional gender roles and ideas about masculinity may prevent men from freely expressing their feelings.

Fortunately the study makes clear mention of the delicate balance between these findings and the harmful effects of alcohol. Excessive drinking can lead to health, emotional, and relationship problems.

The number one suggestion for keeping socializing at the bar a positive experience: don’t do rounds of drinks. Buying and consuming rounds encourages individuals to drink more than they would if they purchased drinks themselves.


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