Kindness is more than a cup of coffee

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Growing up we’re taught the importance of treating others with kindness. However, as our youth morphs into adulthood, many of us forget this simple lesson and begin focusing on the acquisition of wealth, objects, and accomplishments. This is a practical adjustment since it’s difficult to pay the bills with a smile but when this focus causes us to make kindness less of a priority, we can be left feeling more isolated and lonely.

When we hear about kindness, it’s usually in the phrase “random acts of kindness.” While the act of doing something positive or charitable for another person without the expectation of benefit is a wonderful thing, I feel like our nation is convinced that kindness is buying coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks. It’s so much more than that; it’s about attempting to connect to another person and showing genuine regard for their well-being.

Kindness is about asking someone how they’re doing and actually listening to their response. It’s about putting down your phone when someone is speaking to you and looking them in the eye. And, perhaps most importantly, kindness is about seeing someone with a need you have the time, means, and desire to meet and just doing it.

Being kind is simple. That’s why children are often better at it than adults.


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