Counseling Services

Are you dealing with a big change in your life? Or do you need emotional support while handling the ups and downs of life? Counseling can give you a safe, confidential place to explore your feelings.

At Jacksonville Center for Sexual Health, you’ll find a skilled therapist who can help you on your path to better mental health. We provide personalized care for a variety of needs including but not limited to:

* Sexual problems
* Depression, including postpartum depression
* Anxiety
* Grief
* Relationship problems
* Life transitions
* Lesbian, Gay,Bixsexual, & Transgender (LGBT) Issues – see our FAQs for details on HRT and SRS letters
* Adoption

We understand that your time and resources are important. We work hard to make sure that you get effective therapy and treatment. Please look through our Counselor Bio for our professional and educational background.

Schedule an appointment today. Don’t wait one more day to have the mental health you deserve.

Do you have questions about counseling? Please visit our FAQs. If you need other answers, Contact Us.

Our offices are located in the Bartram Executive Park in St. Johns, Florida in northwest St. Johns County. We are just a few blocks south of the Mandarin area of Jacksonville. You can find details on our location on our Directions page.